Lots Of Suspense When Suspension Fails

Quarter past eight will be the next break. The long-haul truck driver mutters to himself as he negotiates another curve as he makes his way into the parking lot just in front of the roadside diner. And then it happens. The brakes had actually gone and failed! How the heck, you would imagine, was he going to haul this heavy craft to a halt. And then a cable in the suspension system went and snapped! Heavy loading indeed. Plenty of suspension work lakewood co timeouts lie ahead. A good break indeed.

It will be a long break at the diner before the collision repair team arrives. It has been quite a lucky day for this erstwhile truck driver. As the brakes and suspension works failed, he did not even need to pull into a ditch, not that there was one to hand. Thanks to the driver’s experience, he was slowly but surely able to maneuver this heavy truck to a grinding halt. It could have been a lot worse. Because what if this guy was traveling at around sixty, seventy miles an hour on a wet road. Death defying acts would have been required.

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You might be asking. Given that this is such an experienced truck driver; did he not perhaps fall asleep behind the wheel. Glad you have been asking. Because is it not the driver’s duty to check all these things before setting off on a long-distance trip. Could he be held liable if the damage is done? Given how devious some companies have been, this could have been possible. Instead of showing leadership and acting responsibly, the hunt is always on for a verifiable scapegoat. Maybe not so much this guy, given that he’s been around the block a few times already.

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