Why Regular Oil Changes Are Necessary

Regular oil changes to your car are going to extend the life of it for sure. But it is not so clear, cut and dried. Sure enough, if you have a reasonable knowledge of how the car’s engine works, you can just as easily take a can of oil and pour some down the channel. But that is not going to help, would you believe. What should help is an oil change tazewell county il service. And it is just one small cog in the wheel of what goes down at your county auto repair workshop.

oil change tazewell county il

That workshop will also be taking care of your brakes when they are worn to shreds. Okay, that’s putting it in the extreme. Of course, you’re not going to wait that long to replace your worn brake pads. And neither are you going to wait for your tires to wear thin. You do this and you might not be around to tell the tale of how you worked your way around the fender bender. Experts recommend changing your oil every three months.

So do check your calendar. Other than that, they say the oil should be changed every three thousand miles of solid driving. So check the mileage clock for that. Now, even if you’ve been driving for a whole year and that clock has yet to reach the thousand-mile mark, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to change your oil. So, back to the three months principle then. The thing is, if you don’t drive as often as other road users moisture could still accumulate and this leads to engine oil contamination.

When your car is in for its oil change, the auto mechanics will also be checking its brake fluid, coolant and air filter. Transmission fluid, power steering fluid and the cabin filter too.

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